January 28, 2017

Horse Creek Recreation Area

  • 5.28 miles
  • 4:42 duration
  • 1098 elevation gain
  • 24 creek crossings
  • 1 geocaching event
  • 10 caches found

My friend Jerome (Got Fossils?) hosted a geocaching event at the Horse Creek Recreation Area of the Cherokee National Forest in Greene County, TN. Fourteen folks from four states met up to hike the trail along Squibb Creek. This is a fairly challenging hike with 12 creek crossings each way, which were even more fun in freezing weather. We encountered a little bit of snow on the ground, and saw plenty of icicles. Squibb Creek Falls is only about 25 feet tall, but very uniquely shaped.

This was an epic day for one of our number. Ray (Lob the Huntsman) was celebrating his birthday, his 1,000th cache, and 400 consecutive days of geocaching.

I nearly lost my treasured hiking stick on this journey. When we reached the falls, I crossed the creek to find a better vantage point to take photos. I was perched on a steep hillside when my stick slid down into the creek. Fortunately, Jared (Penguinsushi) saw what happened, and made a brave rescue, rock hopping and dodging downed trees in the creek to reach my stick and return it to me.

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