January 29, 2017

Laurel Run Park

  • 3.76 miles
  • 3:25 hours
  • 388 foot elevation gain
  • 3 waterfalls
  • 3 caches found

On a Sunday morning, Rob (LakeBum37663) and I hiked in Laurel Run Park near Church Hill, TN. Situated along the Holston River and at the end of Bays Mountain, this park offers hiking trails, picnic areas, disc golf and more. Our goal on this day was to follow the Laurel Run Trail past Laurel Run Falls, cross the creek at its junction with Kiner Creek, and follow the Laurel Run creek further upstream to Logger Falls. Along the way were three new geocaches hidden a couple of weeks earlier. We then went back to Kiner Creek and followed it upstream to Kiner Creek Falls.

One of the reasons I love this park is that you can visit three beautiful waterfalls on one hike, and each one is very different from the others. Each are beautiful in their own way. Because they are off the beaten path, many visitors to the park never see Logger Falls and Kiner Creek Falls.

While friends who had hiked to Logger Falls recently had done quite a bit of clean up there, we found that a large truck tire had floated downstream and become wedged between rocks near the base of the falls. Determined that I was not going to let that tire ruin my photos, I spent about 20 minutes wrestling it from its perch and moving it further downstream.

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