Adventures of the Cedar Hiking Stick

In December 2016, my good friend Ang gifted me with a handmade cedar hiking stick. It was a true work of art, but functional as well. I decided to start logging the miles I travel with this stick, and sharing photos and tales of our adventures together.

After a year of fun together, I did some really stupid and lost my hiking stick. Because Ang is such a great guy and friend, he made me a new one, even better than the first.

At the top of each blog post, you will find listed the distance traveled, the time it took, and the elevation gain. From December 2016 through September 17, 2018 stats were collected by using the mapmyfitness app on my iPhone. Since that time, stats have been collected using my Garmin Forerunner 735XT watch. I will also include the number of geocaches found, and any other data pertinent to that adventure. I will periodically update this page with cumulative miles traveled with my stick.

You can find the individual blog posts under the category “Hiking Stick” at the bottom of the screen.

Accumulated Miles:

December 2016: 6.25

January 2017: 23.87

February 2017: 22.71

March 2017: 14.93

April 2017: 16.02

May 2017: 9.56

August 2017: 17.40

November 2017: 19.14

December 2017: 27.91

Total for 2017: 157.79

January 2018: 10.13

February 2018: 4.56

March 2018: 33.77

April 2018: 4.6

July 2018: 6.82

August 2018: 8.3

October 2018: 5.00

November 2018: 18.86

December 2018: 15.14

Total for 2018: 107.18