Adventures with Huck

In January 2017 I purchased a used Liquid Logic Remix XP9 kayak. This is a crossover boat that is suitable for whitewater, but with its drop-down skeg will track straight on flat water. Since I enjoy both kinds of kayaking, I was excited to find one boat that will allow me to paddle the many beautiful rivers in our area as well as the calm lakes. Because the boat is blue, I have named it Huckleberry (a type of blueberry) or Huck for short.

In the 1928 novel “Tombstone” by Walter Noble Burns, Doc Holliday says to Johnny Ringo, “I’m you’re Huckleberry.” This is an old southern expression meaning he is the man for the job. According to the Urban Dictionary: The etymology of the phrase is traced back to Aurthurian Lore. Huckleberry Garlands were said to be given to Knights of the Kingdom for coming to the service of a damsel. They would approach the lady, lower their lance, and receive the small branch as a symbol of gratitude; much like a medal. Therefore, “I’m Your Huckleberry” literally means “I’m your Hero.”

I’m looking forward to many adventures with Huckleberry, and will use this site to log the miles we travel together. To read those tales and photos of our adventures, scroll to the bottom of the screen and select “Huckleberry” in the list of categories.

Accumulated Miles:

March 2017: 5.16

April 2017: 18.78

May 2017: 18.5

June 2017: 24.49

July 2017: 18.5

August 2017: 10.08

September 2017: 12.65

Total for 2017: 108.16

April 2018: 1.83

May 2018: 13.37

June 2018: 22.35

July 2018: 17.25

September 2018: 14.75

October 2018 4.76

Total for 2018: 74.31

March 2019: 10.97

April 2019: 1.9

May 2019: 25.73

June 2019: 13.52

July 2019: 24.22

September 2019: 9.62

Total for 2019: 85.56