November 4, 2017

Bay’s Mountain Trail Mix 6

  • 3.89 miles
  • 3:39 duration
  • 302 feet elevation gain
  • 2 new caches found (several visited that I’d previously found)

Saturday, November 4 was the day for the annual Bay’s Mountain Trail Mix geocaching event hosted by Team Cache Cracker Jacks (Tom and Dori). This event is usually held in October, but after being plagued by rain the last few years, they decided to try a November date this year.

A dozen hardy hikers and one geopup headed out to hike the Lakeside Trail, circling the lake in a clockwise direction. We made frequent stops along the way to allow those who had not yet logged the caches along our route to find them. The fall foliage was beautiful, and the weather cooperated for the most part. We had light showers a couple of times, but mostly just cloudy skies and mild temperatures.

The focus of this year’s event was some of the highly favorited caches in Bay’s, including two brand new caches that published while we were on the trail. Both are gadget caches that require you to perform some type of task in the field to access the log. The first was hidden by BackWoodsAng. After logging this cache, we took a lunch break and enjoyed the fall foliage around us and some lively conversation before continuing on our way.

We finished the hike by logging a new cache hidden by New Cache Order. This gadget cache requires you to perform a task to discover the code to open a lock on the cache. After we had logged it, our group was joined by Ang and his daughter, so we gave them the opportunity to solve the code as well.

Since this was a fairly short hike, I took this opportunity to break in some new boots that I purchased in September. They performed well, but I think I may need to add some cushier insoles.


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