February 19, 2017

Laurel Run Park

  • 3.11 miles
  • 2:56 duration
  • 513 ft elevation gain
  • 1 cache visited (previously found)
  • 2 caches hidden by LakeBum

We went back to Laurel Run Park on this Sunday morning for two reasons: so that LakeBum could log a special multi cache that was recently put back into play after being destroyed in the fire, and so that he could hide a new cache in a spot we noticed on our last visit here.

We took the CMOR (Canebrake Mountain Overlook Road) Trail up, and up, and up to the cache he needed, and enjoyed the views from the Overlook. We then followed the loop on around, hiding a cache along the way, and then down to the Laurel Run Trail.

We then made the obligatory creek crossing and headed toward the first waterfall, stopping off to hide a cache in the spot we had located in a previous trip. This was a great place for a lunch break, and then after a quick jaunt up to see the waterfall, we headed back down to the car.

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