January 1, 2017

Horse Cove Gap Trail

  • 5.03 miles
  • 3:56 duration
  • 594 ft elevation gain
  • 7 caches found

On New Year’s Day, my stick and I joined a great group of geocaching friends to explore the Horse Cove Gap Trail on Cherokee Mountain in Washington County, TN. The trailhead is across Dry Creek Road from the parking/staging area for the Buffalo Mountain ATV trail.

We followed the advice of previous travelers, and used the steeper, but shorter route to the top, following the trail instead of the road. We then hiked across the ridge line grabbing caches, before hitting the forest service road. We followed the forest road a little further to find one more cache, and then took it back down to the bottom of the mountain and parking.

It was a cool, overcast day with just a bit of light rain at the top of the mountain.


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