July 7 – 17 Part Two

Sightseeing in Czech Republic and Brussels

Deban and I traveled to the Czech Republic for a mission trip in early July. We were part of a four person team that traveled to Slaný to lead an English/Basketball Camp. This was our first time in this location, but our team leader, Amy Blumberg, has been coming here for many years. Our fourth team member was Hudson Standbridge, an outstanding young man who was brave enough to travel with three old ladies.

I have so many photos to share from that trip, that I’ve decided to divide them into three blog posts: Signal the Frog, general sightseeing photos, and photos from our English/Basketball Camp. Some folks may be interested in seeing all the photos, while others may be more interested in one category than the others. There will be some spillover from one category to the other, since Signal was with us for sightseeing, geocaching and the camp. I invite you to browse through whatever interests you, and skip the rest.

These are photos that do not fit into the Signal or mission category; photos that I took along the way of interesting sites that we saw.


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